Professional Teeth Whitening in Adelaide

We’ll help your smile become bright again!

Teeth Whitening

Make your smile bright with professional teeth whitening from Adelaide Smile Centre. No matter the reasons for your dissatisfaction with your teeth’s colour, we can help you transform your smile. Contact us when you need teeth whitening in the Adelaide area.

Change Your Smile for the Better

Over-the-counter whitening treatments can be helpful, but professional teeth whitening grants you far superior results. Adelaide Smile Centre offers two methods, using the Zoom Whitening System, to whiten your teeth, depending on whether you want to see immediate results or if you want your teeth to change colour gradually from at-home treatments.

When you come in for your appointment, a dentist will examine your teeth to see which system will be the safest and most effective for you. In many cases, the choice is yours—decide on the option that’s most convenient for your schedule. Next, we’ll either perform the whitening in our office or give you the supplies and instructions you need to carry out the treatment at home. You’ll see wonderful results either way.

If you’d like to help prevent the need for further teeth whitening treatments, consider changing your habits. Tea, coffee and red wine can all contribute to teeth discolouration, as can tobacco products, poor dental care and even certain medications.

Of course, teeth discolouration can also be the result of genetics and ageing—just because your teeth are a little discoloured doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong. If you come to our office, we can help you form an action plan to help prevent further teeth discolouration. A few habitual changes can have excellent long-lasting effects on your teeth.

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If you’re ready to try professional teeth whitening, contact Adelaide Smile Centre to schedule an appointment. You can reach us on 08 8347 2222. We look forward to seeing you in our office, and to you enjoying the results of your treatment. 

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